Student Assembly

Reports of corrupt practices in universities have always been scattered across social media. They rely on virality to reach school officials; however this only works for extremely controversial cases such as bribery, discrimination, and harassment. For lighter cases, they either take a long time to be addressed or get swept under the rug.

Finding a way to enable students and administrators to see progress reports will shed more light to the corruption that occurs in their universities. Student Assembly solves this by providing an anonymous platform for students to report corruption cases, while also giving school administrators a tool to manage these reports.

My goal is to design and implement an application that will be easy to use for students and administrators. I worked in a two-man team with Andie Rabino, and together with the folks at People Power Against Corruption we made a simple and seamless experience.

Student Assembly is a work in progress. It uses Vue.js as its front-end framework backed by Django REST. Currently the user side of things are being polished for production, leaving the admin side for additional work. We may encounter more challenges along the process, but having worked with these people I can see that we will be able to solve them together.

They have since pivoted to another product (InvestEd), but you can still try the beta.