Entropy Resins

Creating projects that showcases your skills in woodwork, arts and crafts, and product design while preserving the environment makes things better for us and the planet. Entropy Resins shares this philosophy by bringing eco-friendly epoxy resins for makers to use on their projects. Their SuperSap technology not only makes their resins strong and durable but also lowers environmental impact.

The challenge I had during my stay at Stratpoint Technologies, Inc was to redesign Entropy Resins' website so they can better serve users of their products. The e-commerce side of their website needed rework for easier shopping experience, as well as other parts like organizing their guides and information about the epoxy resins.

My job was to create mockups from the landing page, information about the company, the SuperSap technology, how-to guides, all the way to the cart and checkout. I worked closely with Tisha Ibasco as the product design head, and Cathy Poblete as the branding manager for the website. The result was a website that was easy-to-use for newbies trying the product and well-informed enough for returning users.